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Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers

Note: Where we refer to ‘parents’ we mean parents and carers inclusively. The term ‘children’ or ‘child’ describes anyone under the age of 18.

As a member of staff or a volunteer at our school, we’d like you to:

  • implement our safeguarding policy and procedures;

  • report any concerns about or allegations of abuse or poor practise to our welfare officer;

  • listen to any concerns that parents or young people might have;

  • consider your behaviour – do not engage in any behaviour that constitutes any form of abuse;

  • respect your position of trust and maintain appropriate boundaries and relationships with young people;

  • keep any coaching and safeguarding training up to date;

  • keep children in your sessions safe by supervising appropriately, using safe methods and techniques and by putting children’s safety first;

  • make sure you have appropriate staffing ratios of adult to participating before the session begins;

  • ensure equipment is if fit for purpose, safe to use and accessible;

  • respect children’s trust and rights whilst being honest and open with them;

  • champion everyone’s right to take part and celebrate difference in our school or by not discriminating against anyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or ability;

  • if an injury happens prioritise the injured person’s wellbeing and stop practise if appropriate. Administer minor first aid and call for help when necessary;

  • use constructive and positive methods of developing children’s skills, without humiliating or harming them;

  • behave appropriately online;

  • challenge and address instances of poor, negative, aggressive or bullying behaviour amongst young people;

  • lead by example when it comes to good sportsmanship, positive behaviour and commitment to the art;

  • develop positive relationships with parents and catch up with them regularly about their child’s development;

  • make our school a friendly and welcoming place to be.

As a member of our staff, we understand you have the right to:

  • enjoy the time you spend with us and be supported in your role;

  • be informed of our safeguarding and reporting procedures and what you need to do if something isn’t right;

  • have access to ongoing training in all aspects of your role;

  • be listened to;

  • be involved and contribute towards decisions within the school;

  • be respected and treated fairly by us;

  • feel welcomed, valued and not judged based on your race, gender, sexuality or ability;

  • be protected from physical or emotional abuse from children or parents and supported to resolve conflicts.

We expect all our staff and volunteers to follow the behaviours and requests set out in this code. If any staff members or volunteer behaves in a way which contradicts any of the points set out above, we’ll address the problem straight away and aim to resolve the issue.

Continued isuses and repeated bereaches of this code may result in taking disciplinary action against you and ultimately your dismissal from the school.

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